Straw Bale Farm House at Tablehurst

Straw Bale Farm House

Tablehurst Farm would not exist as it is today without the dedication, vision and hard work of Tablehurst Co-founder Peter Brown. For over 21 years Peter has worked tirelessly to achieve his vision of sustainable, regenerative agriculture that is dedicated to the wellbeing of the land, animals, plants and people...

Thanks to a tremendous input from an enthusiastic team of volunteers, Peter Brown's straw bale house is making swift progress. One of our volunteer builders, Xavier Hardy, has put the whole story together in this blog. And if you only have a couple of minutes to spare to catch the whole story, take a look at Xavier's time-lapse video.

The straw bale house finally receives its first straw bale! This photo shows the beginning of wall construction, with the first bale being landed onto the foundations. The walls will be formed from three layers of bales, which will then be rendered with a lime mortar on the outside and a natural clay mortar (using material excavated here on the farm) on the inside.

Visit Tablehurst Farm to see it first hand and have a tour of the farm house building in progress.